Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 6! I recap, talk theories, impressions and review ep 6 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

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Please note — there are SPOILERS for Campaign 3 Episode 6 in the video and this post.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 6 was a great episode! While it was very much an info-dump, I feel it was much needed, as we gained a lot of personal backstory from each character of our still nameless, Campaign 3 group.

We learn quite a bit about Laudna!

Delilah Briarwood is the “voice in her head” and seems to be Laudna’s Patron!

The episode starts out with an epic game of “What The Fuck Is Up With That” better known as, rollies, a game we have seen the cast play quite a bit of so far in Campaign 3.

critical role campaign 3 episode 6 sam riegel flask gascan gas can jazz is chaos fearne calloway bertrand bell death

After, WTF is up with that we have a lot of speaking with NPCs, although it is a pleasure, because Matt Mercer has the best characters; all of Campaign 3’s NPCs have been fantastic; Yash of the Hubot Corsairs, Lord Eshteross, Effid, The Shadow Baker, etc.

We still have no group name, but they’re finally attempting to come up with one, as they ask some of the NPCs the first word that comes to mind when they see their group. I appreciate that they’re attempting to work Bertrand into the name with “bell” or “bells” — I can’t wait to see what they finally decide on.

The episode wraps up with a Dorian Storm related surprise!

His brother Cyrus Wyvernwind makes an appearance. Now, this is either the beginning of Dorian’s character arc, or unfortunately, the sign of his (possible) exit.

I hope the latter is not the case, as I truly love Dorian and Robbie Daymond at the table. Every episode, he feels more and more like one of the full cast members.

If you need the full recap and want some interesting theories, you need to watch the full “Let’s Talk Episode 6” video for Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 6.

I’m late with my full written review of Campaign 3 Episode 5, so expect that soon.

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