Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 is not a good episode. Where Episode 4 “By the Road” started great and fell off into more mindless, side quest shenanigans, Episode 5 throws more plot hooks all over the dartboard.

Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 could be summed up as — back story & gods for everyone!

My takeaways:

  • Dice roll’s still don’t matter.
  • Lots of conversations with gods.
  • Dorian’s alignment changes from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral.
  • The group knew Fy’ra during the time they lost their memories.
  • Ted is inside Opal.
  • I don’t care about Poska.
  • Fy’ra Rai was most likely brought in to help ground this campaign.
  • Orym is a boring character with no personality.

I’m having a hard time following or caring about the story, or the characters. Too much is happening, it’s all happening way too fast, and I’m not really sure why any of it is happening. We barely know these characters — hell, they barely know each other. 5 episodes in and they’re a bunch of low-level nobodies, that don’t really like each other.

What makes Critical Role, or any other form of serial entertainment good, is that you want to know what happens next. I routinely find myself losing hours to Campaign 2 because I’m invested in the characters of the Mighty Nein, their backstories, their quests, and goals. Exandria Unlimited…not so much. I don’t really even know why they are still together? Orym for example doesn’t seem like he should be sticking around with these borderline evil, hooligans.

exandria unlimited episode 5 bad review critical role
Do yourself a favor and just listen to Campaign 2, instead.

Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 | A Test of Worth gets a 1/5.

This was a tough listen. I typically listen a second time for notes and am excited to write and post my review as soon as possible. Episode 5 was so bad, I pushed off writing this review for four days. I don’t see Exandria Unlimited pulling it together to make for a must-watch/listen mini-campaign, but I guess with only three episodes left, it’s an easy enough commitment to see how it all plays out.

Did you enjoy Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited Episode 5? If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out, below!

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