Now that it’s 2020, it’s about time to talk about my favorite video games of 2019.

I’ve played less and less video games over the last few years, as I’ve gotten into many more hobbies. Thinking I would wind up with a top 10 for 2019, I wasn’t even close (just 11 games released in 2019), but felt confident in these 5 games enough to rank them.

My Top 5 Video Games of 2019

5. Untitled Goose Game

untitled goose game

This little game really brought me joy. I played it with my girlfriend (me handling controller duties), playing a few hours a night for about a week. We really enjoyed our time with the goose from hell. 

Playing this jerk Goose, wrecking havoc to simply collect trinkets and ruin some people’s day was simply great and hilarious.

We finished the main levels and have yet to go back and check off the final (and difficult) items on the checklist, but we’re planning on doing it soon.

Some of the tasks were pretty difficult, but messing around until we finally figured how to accomplish them was really one of the best parts of the game.

I wish and hope that there will be a sequel or an expansion. If this was a game that lasted a bit longer (10ish hours), it may well have been my game of the year. A nice little surprise.


4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

modern warfare
Left Trigger. Right Trigger.

Earlier in the year, I got addicted to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for a few weeks. PSN, made a great choice giving this game out for free with Playstation+. Playing it made me realize that I missed playing this type multiplayer shooters.

Now, Modern Warfare Remastered really didn’t have enough to keep me hooked, but it pretty much sold me on the Call of Duty that would be dropping in the winter.

I became instantly hooked on the multiplayer of Modern Warfare (the new one). It’s just plain fun. I love re-spawning quickly and getting right back into the action. I think that must be why I don’t enjoy battle royal games, too much down time. I like the fast paced, non-stop action. 

I do enjoy playing Campaign modes in he Call of Duty franchise, but I have yet to touch this one (I will play it soon). They fall in my sweet spot for single player campaigns; 5-10 hours.

I can see myself playing this multiplayer on and off over 2020, especially since they did away with paid season passes, giving away new maps and modes every month.

3. Death Stranding

death stranding
Sam Porter Bridges building roads in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding, AKA “That stupid baby game” as my girlfriend calls it.

Death Stranding released to a lot of hype. No one knew much about what this new game from Kojima, post Konami, was exactly about. Without Konami keeping Kojima in check, would the craziness factor jump through the roof?


I initially went back and forth on whether I would even purchase this game or not. After seeing the latest trailer a day or two before release, I pre-ordered the game off PSN (something you should never do). I then started seeing reviews come out; 6.8 from IGN? A 2/5 from Giant Bomb? Uh-oh.

I frantically looked up how I could cancel my pre-order; Finding this to be a tedious process of waiting to live-chat with a Sony customer service representative, I started watching some YouTube reviews.

I found 2 reviews in particular: Danny O’Dwyer’s & Tim Rogers’ (Tim’s of which, I only watched the intro and outro, as to avoid spoilers). They actually convinced me that I must experience this game while everyone else was.

Let me say this – Death Standing is not as weird as everyone thinks. I quite enjoy playing it. Yes, most of what you do is pick up packages and deliver them; UPS guy the video game. But there is something about the gameplay loop that is enjoyable and soothing. I imagine it is similar to why people playing games such as Minecraft. There is just something about rebuilding the United Cities of America, that is fulfilling.

I don’t enjoy everything bout the gameplay; I don’t really like the MULE or B.T. sections at all (actually, I hate those parts). They are the reason why this game can’t be great, they’re just not fun.

Normally, I don’t go too crazy with side quests in game; I only have so much time to dedicate to video games, so I usually skip them in favor for the main storyline. But, taking time to collect and deliver materials to rebuild roads, only makes sense; it makes it easier for ME to make MY deliveries. So I do it.

Every other person in my game world will also get the benefit of the roads are structures (once you add each city to the network). It’s almost as if other players knew exactly where I needed a watch tower or generator. It’s a pretty cool experience.

I’m around 25 hours in and just finished Chapter 5.

I’ve done something with Death Stranding that I always say I will do with games (but never do), come back.

The week it came out, I was home sick with the Flu for a week. I spent most of my waking time playing this game. After making it to Chapter 3, I took a break and moved onto some other games. I didn’t start playing again until the week of Christmas and I’m hooked again. I will finish this game. I want to see how the story play’s out. 

I’ve enjoyed most of my time with the game so far even though I haven’t finished it and really hate the B.T. and MULE parts of the game, it makes my top 5 list. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s fun, but more of a relaxing experience.

2. Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2
Leon S. Kennedy. Rookie Cop.

Resident Evil 2 was a game that I played on my PC, in the dark, with headphones on even though the horror genre creeps me out.

I would play as long as I could bear; frantically searching for the nearest typewriter, so I could turn the game off, turn the lights on and recompose myself.

I started having zombie-related nightmare’s while playing Resident Evil 2.

I also spent every waking moment away from the game, longing to play it.

Resident Evil 2 has a lot going for it:

  • It may be the greatest remake of all time.
  • I think it’s one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen.
  • It probably has the greatest map ever created (I mean it tells you when you’ve found everything and shows you where items are that you left).
  • The shooting is one of the best for a 3rd person, over the shoulder viewpoint.

The list goes on. See more details in my impressions of my first 5 hours with the game here.

In summary, I really enjoyed my time playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, even it truly wore me down. After I completed Leon’s Part A run, I walked away from the game. I knew I would go back at some point for my Claire B run, but, I’m just not ready for it. It’s that intense and scary.

1. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

crash team racing nitro-fueled
Polar catching up in Papu’s Pyramid.

My Game of the Year – CTR.

I never played any of the PS1 or PS2 Crash Team Racing games very much (just the original a few times with my younger cousins). My girlfriend had played the original a lot as a child and got very into the Spyro Reignited Trilogy the past year and seemed even more excited when we heard Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled was a thing.

We could not put this game down. Playing split screen co-op for days and nights, one after the other. We would put on podcasts or audio books and race cup after cup. 

I would play online, earning points to unlock new racers and skins.

We would pass the controller back and forth for adventure mode or online races to earn new unlocks.

I still haven’t mastered boosting, but I don’t care, the game is just plain fun.

What really got me addicted were the monthly Grand Prix’s; every month a new track, new characters, karts, skins, paints and stickers.

The weekend bonuses had me. I would wake up and play the game every Saturday and Sunday morning, even threw it on while I winded down after work.

This lasted for a couple of months where I unlocked EVERYTHING. The next couple of months, I felt a little burnt out and slowed down, but they got me hooked again in December. 

Beenox has done a wonderful job. They really are listening to fans. They made significant changes to the way the game actually works based on feedback; no longer were racers tied to a speed/handing/acceleration tier, but “engine swaps” were introduced, so you could take the slow Pura and now give him the Speed engine. New tracks were eventually added as a new Cup. The list goes on.

I never get tired of playing this game. If Beenox keeps up with the Grand Prix’s every month, I’ll most likely keep playing.

I really haven’t enjoyed or put this many hours into a video game in years.

That was my top 5 video games of 2019. I had a few other games that I enjoyed, that I will talk about in the future. What video games did you play in 2019 that made your list?