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Turn of events, GW.

The sold-out Warhammer Quest: Cursed City seems like it was a limited run game, as it’s been removed from the Games Workshop website.

This tweet response from the WarhammerCommunity @WarComTeam Twitter is saying that the sought-after Cursed City is sold out and they do not expect it to return to the Games Workshop online store. Very strange, as this wasn’t made clear from the beginning.

Doing some more research on the Games Workshop website shows Warhammer Quest: Cursed City’s page as an Error 404 page.

gw games workshop cursed city out of stock store online
Error Page for Cursed City

Cursed City has also been removed from the Boxed Games – Warhammer Quest section, with only Blackstone Fortress remaining.

gw games workshop cursed city out of stock store online blackstone fortress
Cursed City is No longer in the Boxed Games – Warhammer Quest section.

I’m feeling really lucky now that I was able to grab my copy from Miniature Market, after the GW website sold out very quickly on launch day. It looks like your FLGS may receive some more copies, so if you want a copy of the game, keep alert!

Hopefully, this doesn’t escalate the prices of Cursed City in the way that of the Blackstone Fortress expansions, which are now in the $200-$300+ per expansion range (double, triple, and quadruple). Insanity.

This is really rubbing me the wrong way, this whole FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) stuff. It’s the reason I have stopped backing Kickstarter games and just maybe will finally be it for me with Games Workshop. These companies are upping the demand with limited-run games or items. In GW’s case, they sell out extremely quickly, so if you couldn’t get your copy, you’re almost screwed because now you will have to pay a highly inflated price on the second hard market.

I could rant more about GW and how they nickel and dime their players for books and rules, but I’ll leave it that. I just know for me, it makes games like Stargrave something to be even more excited about.

More Ranting here!

Did you manage to grab GW’s Warhammer Quest: Cursed City? Check me out on YouTube for miniatures videos!

*Update 4/16/21

Looks like some retailers are starting to confirm the inevitable, there won’t be a 2nd wave. What a terrible situation for people that made 2nd wave orders and are now out of luck.