Exandria Unlimited Episode 8 from Critical Role is in the books, thus, wrapping up this entire mini-campaign.

Well, that was something, right?

Continuing after the fight at the ruins from Episode 7, the party fights Myr’atta Niselor, and a crazy deformed, giant Ted.

The episode is mostly battle sequences; not my favorite part of Critical Role. There was a lot going on, and it was honestly, hard to follow.

Highlights of Exandria Unlimited Episode 8:

  • Fighting Myr’atta Niselor.
  • The Spider Queen jumping into PCs minds to dangle the power of the crown over them.
  • Ted being the final boss?
  • Some close deaths, but ultimately everyone made it through alive.
  • Opal was the main focus of season 1.
  • The party finally settled on a name for the group – the “Crown Keepers”.

An ongoing theme between all of my reviews has been confusion. This whole episode/battle was once again, confusing. I don’t understand why Ted was the big bad and why she needed to be killed. Or was Myr’atta the big bad? I watched this episode twice, and still find it difficult to put together. It’s just been a large, jumbled mess of a plot.

Summing up the finale of Exandria Unlimited in one word — anticlimactic.

Why anticlimactic? Because I never latched onto these characters or this plot that went a different way, every episode. Anticlimactic, because nothing really happened. Yes, Opal, eventually put on the crown, but that was just because Aabria finally railroaded the events so that Opal basically had no choice but to put the crown on.

Exandria Unlimited’s first season definitely went out of its way to bring Opal to the center of the stage, which I find a bit of an odd choice since Aimee is a first-time player, still figuring it all out. The open hostility from Aabria towards Aimee was also very uncomfortable to watch. I really don’t think all of that was playful banter from friends. But, I digress, Aimee did a fantastic job in the end; I really did not like her or Opal in the first episode, but they both grew on me. It’s a shame that both will be linked to this sub-par content.

matt mercer critical role cosplay air genasi exandria unlimited review exu
Matt Mercer Cosplaying as Dorian thanks to Aabria Iyengar! (Amazing)

Exandria Unlimited Episode 8 | What Comes Next gets a 2/5.

The finale of Exandria Unlimited didn’t deliver. A shoehorned “big bad” led to no significant answers about anything. What exactly was Ted? What’s the deal with their mother? Why was Myr’atta Niselor so bad?

The series ends with “A story for another day” hinting that this was just the first season, of many, for Exandria Unlimited; which we mostly already knew, hence the “Unlimited” in the series’ name. Who will be back for season 2? Will it be different characters in Exandria or will this party have a different DM?

I have a lot of thoughts on Exandria Unlimited as a whole, and am working on an epic, season 1 review (written and video)! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel — I cover miniatures, tabletop/board games, video games, movies, TV, and more on there!

If you have yet to see Exandria Unlimited Episode 8, check it out below!