Demon miniatures? Yes! Reign in Hell is a Demonic Skirmish Combat miniatures game by Snarling Bader Studios (Adam Loper AKA Uncle Atom of Tabletop Minions & Vince Venturella).

** Updated 9/2/22

If you don’t own the rules and want to scoot over to Snarling Badger Studios or Wargame Vault and order your copy, now! If you already have your ruleset and are looking for some miniatures for your cabal, look no further!

I’ve always wanted to paint up some fun demons, so Reign in Hell gave me the excuse to look around the web for some cool miniatures. I’ve previously, put together lists of:

Sci-Fi Miniatures for Stargrave

Fantasy Miniatures for Frostgrave

…so it only made sense to put together a list of Demon Miniatures for Reign in Hell!

As with my other lists, I consider them living lists, meaning I will continue to update them as I find more miniatures (and time), so please leave a comment with your suggestion for demon miniatures for Reign in Hell or any other miniature agnostic tabletop game — I’d love to check them out and add them to this list.

*This list won’t include 3D Printable options. I don’t own a 3D printer, and prefer to buy my miniatures!

Let’s get to some Demon Miniatures!

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*Updated 8/15/21

Antediluvian Miniatures

Antediluvian Miniatures are fantastically sculpted metal miniatures ranging from: science fiction, fantasy, historical, and more! There are quite a bit of them that I now want to order, now that I found out about them. Astonishing!

Medieval Demons

A small range of Demons that are currently being created. “More splendid miniatures will be added regularly.”

Eureka Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures are amazing metal miniatures with an old school vibe. Their site says they have over 4500 miniatures and add more every day.

Chaos Army

Inspired by the nightmarish artwork of Pieter Brugel and Hieronymus Bosch, a really unique line of chaos that could be used for demons in Reign in Hell.


I searched around their website and stumbled upon 2 sets of “Daemons” — with & without weapons. I own these, they’re great!

Games Workshop

We all know Games Workshop; they have amazing detail and their kits typically offer a huge amount of customization. I’ve chosen a few to highlight, below.

Chaos Spawn

The Chaos Spawn box contains enough options to create two different Chaos Spawn miniatures. Horned demon heads or more Lovecraftian options are at your disposal. The crab arms sold me!

reign in hell skirmish daemon demon chaos gw
Chaos Spawn – Games Workshop

Daemon Prince

The Daemon Prince is a representation of an iconic, winged, demon. This kit contains three heads, arms, and more to really customize to your liking.

winged wing demon reign in hell painted 28mm
Daemon Prince – Games Workshop

Daemons of Khorne Bloodletters

Bloodletters from Warhammer Age of Sigmar or 40k, would be great additions to any cabal. 10 minis with customizable options. Great demon minions armed with swords.

red demon miniatures reign in hell
Daemons of Khorne Bloodletters – Games Workshop

Daemons of Tzeentch – Start Collecting

The Start Collecting Daemons of Tzeentch set is a fantastic collection of demons that leans toward the Cthulhu mythos in their styling. The box includes 17 miniatures, which provides a ton of options for a cabal in Reign in Hell (Horrors, Flying Stingrays, a chariot of demons, and more). Special shoutout to The Changeling & Gaunt Summoner, both of which, are awesome models that could be used as a Leader and/or Devout.

reign in hell demon miniatures box set minis painted buy
Start Collecting Daemons of Tzeentch – Games Workshop

Warhammer Underworlds/Disciples of Tzeentch: The Eyes of the Nine

The Eyes of the Nine, originally a Warhammer Underworlds Tzeentch Warband that would make a great start or addition to your cabal in Reign in Hell. I see it listed on the GW site as “Disciples of Tzeentch” which looks like it doesn’t come with the Warhammer Underworlds cards, just the push-fit models.

warhammer underworlds demon miniatures reign in hell
The Eyes of the Nine – Games Workshop

Kings of War Vanguard | Mantic

Kings of War Vanguard is the skirmiish sized version of Mantic’s Kings of War tabletop game. Vanguard box sets are perfect for Reign in Hell (and all miniature-agnostic skirmish games) since they sell starter sets and faction booster boxes that won’t break the bank. No need to buy a full Kings of War army set, grab a faction set and start painting!

Abyssal Warband Set

The Abyssal faction in Kings of War and Vanguard contains miniatures of the demonic forces of the Abyss! This starter set includes 15 miniatures; a mixture of PVC plastic & hard plastic.

Abyssal Warband Booster

The Abyssal Warband Booster is the same price as the starter set but only comes with 3 miniatures. These are larger, resin minis, that would work great for a Leader and/or Devout.

Nightstalker Warband Set

The Nightstalker faction reminds me a bit of Doom; nightmares made manifest — tortured souls who have been torn from their physical existence. Scarecrow demons are pretty cool, and unique, too! This Warband set includes 15 miniatures; a mixt of PVC plastic & hard plastic.

Nightstalker Warband Booster

The Nightstalker Warband Booster is the same price as the starter set, but this time includes 3 resin miniatures. I particularly love the Mind-Screech (floating brain), which would be a great choice to run as an eldritch, Madness Demon for Reign in Hell.

Frostgrave Demons | North Star Military Figures

The Frostgrave Demons kit includes 28mm plastic sprues that contain enough parts to make 20 miniatures. The minis in this kit will be armored and have multiple options for heads, weapons, arms, etc. Lots of customization is available with these kits, especially the kitbashing options.

frost grave demon miniatures box set reign in hell
Frostgrave Demons 28mm Plastic Kit – North Star Military Figures

Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld Miniatures have many amazing sculpts of 28mm fantasy gaming miniatures, inspired by early role-playing games. They are a bit on the expensive side, but the quality is amazing (I own some of their Fantasy Adventurers series minis).

Demons & Devils

The DD Series – ‘Demons & Devils’ is a range of infernal denizens of the undead. Lots of great metal demon options in this range.

RuneWars Miniatures Game | Fantasy Flight Games

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight is on out of print, two-player tactical tabletop miniatures game in the land of Terrinoth. The miniatures are getting harder and harder to find, as the game looks to be out of print/dead for the past couple of years. That’s great news for miniature painters and miniature agnostic skirmish game fans, as these box sets can be found for amazing clearance deals!

Uthuk Expansions

RuneWars has some pretty great looking plastic miniatures and the Uthuk army is the best representation of “demons” from the game. I purchased all of the Uthuk box sets; order yours ASAP, as once they’re gone, that will be it!

runewars demon minis miniatures to buy reign in hell tabletop minions
Runewars Uthuk Expansion Demons – Fantasy Flight Games

Uthuk Y’llan Set

The Uthuk Y’llan set is one of the best deals as it contains 22 miniatures, enough miniatures for a whole Cabal in Reign in Hell.

runewars uthuk starter box demon minis reign in hell
Uthuk Y’llan Starter Set Miniatures – Fantasy Flight Games

Warlord Games | Beyond The Gates Of Antares

Beyond the Gates of Antares is a Sci-Fi game, but these Freeborn Misgenic Rejects are great chaos looking demons! There are 2 packs of 6 metal minis for this set:

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects A (Left)

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects B (Right)

Wrath of Kings | CMON

Wrath of Kings from CMON is another out of print skirmish wargame that has a ton of miniatures that could be used as demons. These box sets are getting increasingly harder to find (there are some sets I haven’t been able to find at all over the past year), so if you like the miniatures, grab them quickly!

Wrath of Kings has many different types of miniatures: werewolves, vampires, flying pigs, deep ocean monsters, and more!

House Nasier Starter Box

The House Nasier Starter Box is a great place to start for demon miniatures since it includes a whopping, 30 miniatures! Keep in mind, there are not 30 unique sculpts/poses, but they could be used for customizing.

House Nasier aesthetic works best for demons (check out expansions here) but definitely check out the entire range of Wrath of Kings for what’s still available.

reign in hell demon miniatures to buy order
House Nasier Starter Box – CMON

What other Demon Miniatures should I check out for Reign in Hell?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out and add them to this living list!

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