Exandria Unlimited has come to an end. I reviewed each episode as they came out and I’ve had some time to reflect on the series as a whole. I wrote a nearly 6,000 word script and spend an entire week creating my Exandria Unlimited Campaign Video Review (watch below).

Exandria Unlimited was a failure. It was bad and not worth watching.

Exandria Unlimited was a rare misstep for Critical Role. Tremendous amounts of hype led to a lackluster final product.

Yes, there were some bright spots; mostly Robbie and Matt Mercer, but Exandria Unlimited was ultimately, hard to follow, and even harder to watch. The plot, the GM, and the cast — all contributed their fair share of problems.

At the very least, it will provide Critical Role with some very important feedback about how to handle future seasons of Exandria Unlimited; I am a bit curious to see how they handle ExU moving forward. A new DM with the same cast? Or with they completely switch everything up?

I think the biggest takeaway would be the hard truth that Critical Role might cease to be the giant that they are, without Matthew Mercer sitting in the Dungeon Master chair.

For my full review of the Critical Role Mini-Campaign, Exandria Unlimited, watch my Video Review!

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