Kill Team Octarius will be available this weekend (Saturday 8/14/21) for Pre-Order from Games Workshop, who have promised that “everyone who orders Kill Team: Octarius during the pre-order weekend – we guarantee you’ll get a copy.” Now, shipping will be first come first, served, so it could be a SEVERAL months before you received your copy.

For those in the US, I just received an email from Game Kastle about Pre-Ordering Kill Team: Octarius RIGHT NOW:

kill team warhammer 40000 pre order promise community compendium 2021
Pre-Order Kill Team: Octarius

Each of our stores including our online shop will have allocated amounts of each product as this is an exclusive release. Placing a preorder does not guarantee you product, but can put you in line.

Game Kastle

I’ve ordered from Game Castle once before (Rumbleslam) and had no issues, so they are legit.

Their Kill Team: Octarius page does not have thumbnails yet. It includes pre-order options for:

  • Kill Team: Octarius (box set)
  • Kill Team Core Book (2021)
  • Kill Team Adeptus Astartes Dice Set
  • Kill Team Chaotic Dice Set
  • Kill Team Ork Kommandos Dice Set
  • Kill Team Death Korps of Krieg Dice Set
  • Kill Team TAC OPS Cards
  • Kill Team Compendium (2021)

I reached out to Game Kastle to see how exactly this early Kill Team: Octarius pre-order will work. I don’t want to miss out on the Games Workshop store weekend guarantee only to find out that Game Kastle only received 3 copies of the box set for their online shop and I was number 9 in line. At that point, it wouldn’t be worth saving the $30 and receiving their free shipping. *(I will update this article when I hear back from Game Kastle)

I’m still not 100% sure I want the new Kill Team, mostly because of the way GW handles their business; you need to buy the compendium in addition to the core book/Octarius, if you want to play any faction other than Kommandors or Death Korps of Krieg. And let’s not forget about the disaster that was Cursed City. But I will admit, I’m always looking for a ruleset that is easy to get into; too many of these games are just too complicated to ever get to the table.

Pre-Order Kill Team: Octarius from Game Kastle HERE.

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*Update 8/12/21

Looks like Game Kastle removed the Octarius listing, as they most likely sold out of their pre-orders.

I did hear back from them and they told me — “We’re getting in enough to cover all existing preorders right now! Your order is fine and will go out as soon as we get ’em all in around 8/28!”

Looks like if you managed to get an Octarius pre-order in before the listing was removed, you should be set!